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Let the 7 Colors of Your Clothing Reveal Who You Are!

Posted by Sindhumani Palanisamy on

What you use, exactly how and where you wear them to might be powerful ways to reveal yourself without words.

The shades and styles of your garments are solid non-verbal cues you might make use of to communicate to people around you.

To express yourself more knowingly with the clothes you wear, it is necessary you know the significance or value of various shades.

This knowledge will lead you in choosing the shades of garments you get.

In this item we are most likely to consider what each shade of the rainbow signifies as well as just how you can utilize the shades of your clothes to reveal on your own in a way that is distinct to your character.

There are seven natural shades that form a rainbow, these colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and also violet.

In nature white is not a shade on its own yet the mix of all the seven rainbow colors.

Black is likewise not a shade but the absence of all the rainbow shades.

Significance of The 7 Color Styles in Nature as well as How You can Use It in Selecting the Colors of Your Clothes

All the 7 colors in nature are symbols of some spiritual attributes or features, and also every person has some spiritual characteristic (merits as they are known in the Christian communities).

These spiritual features are the underlying qualities in every character type.

You can choose the shades of your garments based on the predominant qualities in your character, as if you can make use of none spoken cues to highlight the good qualities in your individuality.

Now let us look and also take a moment at the spiritual definitions of the seven shades:


Red is the shade of blood, it is a sign of vigor, passion, interest, enthusiasm, power and safety. You can utilize red clothes to express on your own as someone who is passionate, vivid, passionate as well as energetic.

As red is a really" loud shade" it is essential to recognize when to use an attire that is all red or when to blend red tops, red shirts with skirts or pants of various shades like black pants, black skirts, white trousers, white skirts or any kind of various other color that can go with (match) red clothe.

Yellow or gold:

This is the shade of the sunlight, indicating clarity of thought, orderliness, great memory as well as good choice making skills, it is the color connected with knowledge, grandeur, and also royalty.

You can put on clothing with strong yellow or gold color or garments with yellow as well as gold flower background or layouts to express on your own as an individual who is organized, with clearness of ideas and also good decision making abilities.


This color is a sign of creativity, playfulness, stability, adventure, spirit, flexibility from boredom and relief.

Wear clothes with either strong orange shade, or floral orange shade styles or backgrounds to express yourself as an exuberant, daring individual with fantastic funny bone and imagination, a person that is well balanced and also capable of poking fun at yourself and at your mistakes without shedding your worth or emphasis.


This is the color of deep Sea and also blue sky, it is a sign of spiritual deepness. Blue shade is constantly connected with humbleness as well as understanding. Use clothes with either strong blue shade, blue backgrounds or blue floral styles to express on your own as someone who is gentle, simple as well as yet experienced.


This is the color of life as well as of nature, it signifies harmony, sympathy, health and wellness, abundance, balance, growth and growth.

Wear garments with either solid green history or flower eco-friendly layouts to express yourself as a person who has plenty of life, vibrant, eager and also always all set to discover. Let the shades of your clothing disclose you as someone who is humane and very close to nature.


This color illustrates infinity, it represents openness to the subconscious, spiritual accomplishment, self proficiency, knowledge, abrupt understanding, intuition, and also psychic abilities.

Utilize this shade in your clothes to share your spiritual deepness, as someone who is aware of the presence of the unnoticeable reality around us. You can put on clothes with strong indigo color or with indigo floral layouts or backgrounds.


Violet provides a feeling of the highest spiritual mastery and of divinity. Violet is readily available in several shades. Each certain shade has its own meaning and significance. Deep purple shades indicate high spiritual attainment.

Pale lilac colors signify love for humanity while bluish purple indicates optimism. Violet and also indigo shades additionally signify stability and also self-respect, they are shades associated deity as well as grandeur. Use clothes with violet colors to reveal your honesty as well as dignity.

Though white is not a rainbow color it is common in nature, it represents pureness, tranquility, calmness, dedication as well as happiness. You can wear clothes with strong white color or white histories or white flower designs. It is suitable for selections of occasions as well as occasions specifically for extremely satisfied celebrations.

Black is an absence of color as well as in the spiritual world indicates death as well as evil. In spite of the spiritual significance of black, it is an incredibly popular color in fashion market as a result of its "richness". It is additionally a global shade. You can put on a solid black attire or you can combine it with any other color. It is additionally a very good shade for winter months clothes due to its capability to take in heat.

Make use of the Style of the Clothing You Put On to Express Yourself.

The apparel individuals wear is typically expression of their internal thoughts and also sensations, there are individuals that are not aware of this truth. They do not understand that the designs and colors of the garments they put on send messages to people around them.

If you put on gamine like apparel styles, I.e clothing that are provocative such as really brief clothing, really limited clothes, or those clothing designs with very low cleavage, you may be representing yourself as a person with extremely low self esteem, and with very little or no ethical worth.

On the other hand if your clothing is classy as well as dignified, you tell people around you that you are extremely decent, accountable and worth your salt and also every person around you will certainly react and also treat you as necessary.

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