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Our Dance Videos

Welcome to "PRIBAK DANCE SCHOOL, SALEM". If you are looking for the best place to learn all kinds of International dancing styles in Salem, this is the right place.


Why we are special?

Our Pribak Dance School officially received the AWARD "Best Dance School" in Tamil Nadu by the "American Higher Educational Academy" of the Royal Academy Of Global Peace in Jan' 2020.


More about Pribak Dance School:

Pribak dance school was started "hitting the floor" in 2018 and we have successfully crossed 2 years with the support of the Student's parents and audience. On the other hand, we have been doing choreo for school events, college completion, corporate functions, wedding function, birthday celebration, and more and more..... We are all professional dancers/choreographer and learned the dancing styles from the great master of Coimbatore Dance School. (Currently, they are working in Cine-field).


Our Dancing Styles:

Hip Hop, Jazz, Krump, Tutting, Locking, Popping, Folk, Urban, Lyrical Dance, Stunts, Classical & Zumba fitness classes. 

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Ph. Contact :

Sindhumani : +91 -87787 41091

Ruthra : +91-84288 02113

Chandru : +91 -99762 65205



Our Dance Videos:

1. Best Dance Team in Salem - Group dance Rehearsal by Pribak Dance School Salem-2018:


2. Vaathi Raid Master Tamil song Solo dance By Dancer Madhu Mathi :


3.Dance classes for girls in Salem - Girls dance in Salem -Solo dance by dancer Madhu Nisha – Pribak:


4.Best Dance School in Salem - PRIBAK Dance School Salem -Practice Video:


5. Dance school in Salem, Pribak Dance School Salem - Group dance Practice time - Velayutham Tamil song:



"Ungalaal Naangal Ungalil Naangal"



With your support,

Pribak Family.














































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