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KAYSER Strong & Sheer Pantyhose

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KAYSER Strong & Sheer Pantyhose

KAYSER Strong & Sheer Pantyhose is a perfect match for sheer hosiery. Super lightweight denier in natural skin tone shades and a range of size give you an airbrushed appearance.

  • Made by nylon, elastane and cotton material
  • One size fits for all
  • Run resistant technology

Discretion is really at the center of the lingerie business, would you agree? We all have our own, individual circumstances and reasons why we would not want anyone to know what arrives in the mail. Fortunately, with us, you don’t need to worry. We never use any labels on envelops or write anything on them other than your address. We use ordinary envelops, nothing fancy. All to make sure that your parcel is discreet and its contents remain our little secret!


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