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Elite Nylon Ultra Thin Nude Stockings

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Elite Nylon Ultra Thin Nude Stockings

Whether your looking for thigh high stockings to complete a chic fashionable look or to be a sexy lingerie accessory, this Elite Nylon Ultra Thin Nude Stockings for you. The Elite Nylon Ultra Thin Nude Stockings is unique style and create a illusion for stunning curve that make you more beautiful. Everyone needs some thigh high nylons to go with their sexy lingerie or compliment the perfect outfit. They feature opaque stretchy lace tops for that stays in place and resists bunching with a pretty, feminine look. Their thigh-high design keeps the hips and waist free, for a comfortable, less restrictive alternative to stockings.


Important Features

  • Made by nylon and elastane
  • Very lightweight fabric to wear
  • Sexy feminine lace detail
  • Special finish helps provide an exceptional soft touch
  • Ideal for wearing with dresses, slacks and more
  • The silky sheer leg creates an elegant finished look
  • This style is a wardrobe necessity that rewards you with a little luxury